Abortion: Self-Worship, Child Sacrifice

The modern pantheon is made up of many gods. Man is socially engineered to worship money and sex, to venerate the celebrity class, to replace the sacrifice on the Cross with the illusions of discriminatory victim-hood of minorities and the like. Compassion has been replaced by false compassion, as we are being brought to sympathize with the lowlife and the homosexual before the pious and the respectable. The media tells us of the horrors of the porn industry – not because it is a drug the masses are addicted to, not because it destroys men, not because it damages one’s brain, one’s psyche, and most importantly one’s soul, but because the sleazy individuals running the show aren’t so nice to the harlots signing up.

All of this is engineering us to worship ourselves, but more precisely, our emotions, impulses, and carnal desires. We are brought up to worship money because it allows us to seek out earthly vices. We are brought up to think both in the short-term and in only a material way. Wealth and our own comfort become our main concerns in this modern society.

The best example of modern self-worship is the apparatus of child sacrifice, the machine of abortion in the West. Most will brush off the notion that our nations have mechanized child sacrifice, because they have been convinced by programming that abortion is merely a medical procedure, an emergency case of birth control. The life being stomped out is made lifeless, described as not human, described as merely cells. We are brought to think of the fetus as already dead or like some kind of animal, all while the same media shouting “her body, her choice” insists we don’t boil lobsters alive!

How is abortion child sacrifice? This realization is obvious after considering the nature of the act. When a woman goes and gets an abortion, she is sacrificing a life, a person coming into the world, for her own comfort, for her own life. She is squashing the opportunity of her unborn child so that she can continue her life as if nothing happened, so that she won’t be bothered with the troubles of either giving up the child for adoption or raising her own flesh and blood. She is putting herself before another, even if that other person has yet to be born. Advocates for abortion see the unborn child, the fetus, as a tumor. The term fetus itself detaches us from the idea that we are dealing with living, yet unborn children. Many medical studies show that the fetus is not merely a clump of cells, that children are living before they are born.

Even more compelling, we know that God knew us before we were even in our mother’s womb – how could any Christian support abortion knowing this?

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” Jeremiah 1:5.

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