Faith, History

Happy Columbus Day

Since I am not an expert on Christopher Columbus, I do not feel qualified to write extensively about him or his life. However, I do feel inclined to celebrate Columbus Day, due to the recent push to get rid of this holiday, by smearing both Columbus and colonialism as a whole. While others made it to America before Columbus, his voyage began European intervention in the New World, which resulted in the salvation of millions of souls, as it brought the Church to the native peoples of both North and South America. It can not be argued without moral relativism that the natives were better off before Spanish and Portuguese rule especially, as such a stance requires the acceptance of systematic, ritualistic sacrifice. No wonder so many sympathize with these past regimes, as many today enable and fight for systematic, ritualistic sacrifice in the form of abortion.

For a perspective on Columbus you won’t likely see today in the mainstream, listen to this homily from a traditional Catholic priest:

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