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Sic Vita Est

Equality is a tricky business. Many people are divided on how to define it, and more still are confounded on the how’s and why’s of implementing it. The simple fact of the matter is that equality is a man-made concept. Equality is not intrinsically bad, let me be frank. In fact, some of the greatest advances in society deal with equality. Equality before the law, for example, is a high value of justice in which we say that every man and woman is held to the same level of accountability, no matter their different statuses and identities. Not always true in practice, but excellent in theory. Furthermore, we espouse equality of opportunity, stating that we all have the same chances at success no matter what, another great example of equality. However, to hold up equality as a golden idol in every aspect is a grave error and has led to many problems we currently face in our society.

It’s an unpopular fact, and one that will not win me much esteem, but I’ve never much cared for the esteem of modernity. Humor me, however, and take time to seriously consider your life for a moment. Do you hold everything equal? No. of course not. Because everything has important distinctions that make them uniquely suited for different things. It would be hard to imagine a table setting without both a fork and a spoon. They are complimentary, and while they may be of equal importance, they are certainly not equal in every regard. Eating spaghetti or meat with a spoon would a sight to see, just as it would be a herculean task to effectively consume yogurt or soup with a fork. It is precisely the differences between silverware that they earn their distinction and value. We do not value a fork because it can do everything a spoon can; we value it because it can do what a spoon can’t. Sure, there is crossover, and much of what a fork can do, a spoon can do also, but that is what makes the distinctions so important.

So it is with humans. Men and woman are complimentary, not equal in every aspect. Our mistake is assuming that this inequality is bad and not something to be celebrated. Men and women, just like forks and spoons, can do many things that the other can. We rightfully acknowledge this and are satisfied. But where true celebration should lie in is the distinct differences that our sexes possess that make them better suited for tasks or uniquely able to do others. To pretend otherwise is to deny simple science and biology. Note that I do not deny the freedom we have in this country to make our own choices on life and occupation. I have admiration and respect for my female colleagues, and to say that women should only be housewives and homemakers is to deny them the opportunity to demonstrate their God-given talents in the workforce. Rather, I would argue that as women are the sole sex able to bear children, I find it natural and reasonable to suggest and emphasize that they possess the unique and superior ability to raise and care for their children, should they have them. Likewise, as the physiological properties of men make them more suited to physical tasks, that is what males more suited and able to participate in the workforce and be breadwinners, as they can perform a wider variety of tasks than women. This is reflected in the demographics of certain jobs as police, firefighting, military, and blue collar work that is dominated by men. They are more suited and capable to do so, and so they should be encouraged and celebrated in this capacity.

These natural inclinations are reflected in how mothers and fathers show love to their children. Broadly speaking, it can be summed up in the primary way this love manifests itself; affection and instruction from the mother, and pride and leadership. The mother, who bears and raises the children, feels a closer emotional connection with children, and acts as the primary instructor to kids, being with them more than the father. Conversely, the father, who is out providing, acts as a leader of the house and role model for his children. This is why the father manifests his love with pride in his children, as his work is paying off and he can see his legacy live on through his work and his wife’s care. Just as with the aforementioned physical characteristics, these psychological traits are general, but widely true.

To promote equality as a false idol is to deny both the emotional and biological distinctions that make humanity great. It prevents men and women from carrying out their natural roles. Yes, it has made advances in society and allowed for more God-given talent and ability to be realized, but there is too much of a good thing and it has been corrupted. This over-zealous promotion of equality is what has caused much of the degradation of our culture and society. Deny children access to one of the natural abilities of man and woman in their parents, and it will be difficult to form them. Culture is a reflection of family, and when the state and tradition of family is denigrated, so too will culture.

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