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The Saturnian Sickle and the Babylonian Hammer

Too often, we see the hammer and sickle raised up in the streets of America. This symbol embodies Communism, both its violent reign in the USSR (and Maoist China, and so on) and its present existence as a bourgeoisie academic fascination. Much irony can be found in the reality that most modern-day Communists, at least in the West, are bourgeoisie, not members of the working class, and this can be discussed in a future article.

Michael Hoffman writes that today we are “a human race of the most wretched stupidity and ignorance unrivaled in thousands of years.” Since we are “‘free’ and ‘highly educated’,” we are willing to “march behind signs that would cause any medieval peasant to run screaming away from them in panic-stricken terror.” Hoffman doubts “any medieval man would have much difficulty in feeling a sense of overwhelming foreboding in the face of the Soviet hammer and sickle symbol, yet most modern literate people obviously don’t know a thing about what the symbol actually represents except on the most profane level as the implements of the farmer and the worker.”

It is a symbol now associated with workers rights, the proletariat, the cause of the lower classes against oppressors. Those who know the historical results of Communism and its disastrous attempts at creating a materialistic utopia (a Tower of Babel, a false heaven on Earth) certainly recognize the issues with this symbol. Michael Hoffman, in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, also sees an esoteric meaning behind the Communist banner – “The sickle symbolizes Saturn,” and “the end of man’s Edenic relationship with the natural world.” The sickle is “the Saturnian ‘scythe’ which symbolizes the sense of separation from God’s natural creation that man experienced after the Fall.” The hammer, thus, would represent “the Kabbalistic tikkun olam or ‘repair of the world,'” the attempt by humanity to create paradise detached from God.

This can’t be written off as a mere attempt to prescribe meaning where there is none. Merely looking at Communism only verifies this interpretation. It seeks to create a perfect social order, one that solves all issues of class and race. Utopian ideologies will always resemble the Tower of Babel, as that is what they derive from. Since Communism proposes and anticipates a society of perfect justice, it denies the fundamental truth that human civilization can never produce perfect justice. If we have fallen from God’s grace and the Garden, it is no concern to the Communist, who sees his own constructed Eden at the end of the neverending tunnel of “progress.” To the Communist, our fixation on God, His Church, and the salvation of our souls, is merely a lie established to prevent us from also seeking a material paradise of egalitarianism and social harmony. We are too busy with spiritual warfare to buy into their class warfare.

The Atheism which is core to Communism also reinforces the sickle as the Saturnian scythe, as nonbelief erases the Fall, it implies that our mortal condition is all that ever is and was, and this leads inevitably to attempts by man to conquer death by his own futile works. The separation of man from God is celebrated, as the Communist does not even believe God exists. Presently, Atheism in general acts as a Saturnian scythe, as it seeks to separate man yet again from God. By teaching that all religion is false, that the material reality is all that exists, it cuts man from his belief and faith in God. Just as rebellion in the Garden cast us out from God’s House, modern rebellion rooted in Atheism will deny us entry into God’s Kingdom. Unlike those who are invited and show up in rags, the Atheist has ignored his invitation.

If we are led to believe there is no Heaven, no Hell, just a nihilistic nothingness when death tolls, would we not be eager to begin work on paradise while we still live? This is the hammer, the “repair of the world.”

Communism venerates the Promethean Lucifer, even if it denies that Satan exists. It adores separation of God, because God to the Communist is a man-made lie. Yet it sells a man-made lie, that is the idea that we can bring about our own paradise, our own heaven, on Earth. This is the flaw of Utopianism. Any ideology that proposes it will bring about a “new man,” a new world of prosperity and harmony, is bound to fail, and is Luciferian to its core. We already have the new man, the new Adam, in Jesus Christ. Do not fall for the lie of the serpent, that somehow through our rebellion in the Garden, we will become “like gods.” Instead, realize we will only become like God through allegiance to God, and through the saving work of the sacraments and the Cross.

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