Modernist Double-Think

The present mainstream Church stands in stark contrast to the ancient faith and all of its history. Interpretation runs wild, and past supposed “sins” of the Church are denounced or ignored. The Church’s teachings can even be sidestepped, especially by those who wish to be simultaneously Christian and an ally – or even member – of the “LGBT community.” This is because two religions have been implanted into the neo-modernist masses that presently make up the Church; the first religion being a Catholicism removed of its mysticism and rendered vague and near protestant by the Novus Ordo and Vatican II, and the second religion being the mainstream orthodoxy of liberalism and progressivism. The ecumenical tone of protestantified modern Catholicism allows for the acceptance of this mainstream dogma that permeates throughout the modern world, specifically in America and the West. An example – while it is clear to any rigid believer in the faith as prescribed by Mother Church that we should not tolerate public blasphemy, it is likely many Irish churchgoers will vote to repeal the laws against blasphemy soon. (They already voted to allow abortion.) These self-described Catholics will vote against the Church in this referendum because ecumenicism towards modernity has allowed contradictions to be ignored. To ban blasphemy is to ban free speech, and how could the Church stand against such a fundamental right? That line of thinking comes from holding two religions; and one has clearly overpowered the other.

This is due to a lack of formation, both of the laity and the priesthood. The faith is not actually being taught to the masses, and the priests are not getting it in most seminaries either. Compare the attitudes and beliefs of those who attend “extraordinary” parishes ran by the FSSP or SSPX to those who belong to an “ordinary” parish. Traditionalist priests often give homilies without restraint. They are not afraid to speak the truth even if it contradicts the modern order. Meanwhile, during the abortion referendum in Ireland, some priests were nearly ran out of their parishes for giving a sermon against the murder of the unborn.

(If you do not have access to a traditionalist parish, I suggest merely listening to a few homilies posted on the YouTube channel Sensus Fidelium.)

Not only are seminaries failing to produce good, rigid priests, some have become dens of sexual immorality and abuse. For those priests caught up in double lives, one life consisting of the Mass, one life consisting of hidden sexuality, it is no wonder they can even attempt to persuade confessing laity that sins are not sins. I have heard of faithful who confess to something as clear-cut as masturbation or fornication, only to be told by the priest that they had done nothing wrong at all. If this happens to you, it is a clear and obvious red flag.

As the priests are meant to be shepherds, and we the sheep, they have a responsibility to teach the faith as passed down by the heirs of the Apostles. Those above the priests have even more responsibility, yet even Popes have conceded and surrendered to the modern world. More responsibility is being piled onto the laity, who must now be ever vigilant in an era of subversion and double-think.

In conclusion:

The mass majority of Catholics have a real, sincere faith, yet due to the Church’s refusal to teach the faith without overstepping the boundaries established by the mainstream, they are led into lives of contradiction and beliefs of compromise. 




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