The Crimson Thread: Rhodesia Against Communist Revolution and the Conquered Nations of Albion

Our Policies are leading us toward a Communist state with as dreadful a certainty as if the leaders of the Kremlin themselves were charting our course” – General Douglas MacArthur to the Mississippi Legislature March 22, 1952. (1)

The Act of 1871 , 41st Congress of the United States, became the foundation of the Communist takeover of the United States and all treason committed against the American people since that date. The 41st Congress enacted ultra virez, a new constitution to become the new legal standard that would abrogate the original Constitution for the United States and its republic made by the Founding Fathers. The new constitution established the new legal standard of government: the USC (United States Code) Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) THE UNITED STATES, A FEDERAL COPORATION USC. February 21, 1871. Acts 41st US Congress, Section 34, Session III.

This is what Karen Eudes, formerly of the World Bank, means when she says : “In the US there are two constitutions.” (2)

An Essay written for February, the month the Church dedicates to the Holy Family


The “Leaders of the Kremlin” to which General MacArthur refers are the Owners and Architects of the Communist Revolution, which erupted in 1917 as the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. These are not the leaders of the Soviet (from the Kremlin), but rather those who lead the Kremlin (and Washington and Whitehall and other Western governments – in fact all governments owned by a central bank which is subsidiary to their global banking cartel).

Hereafter they will be designated and referenced simply as The Owners or The Architects or The Crown. (3)

The designated overseers of the Communist Revolution have been in the West, since the Head of the Comintern was moved to New York by Marx and Engels 1872 shortly after the Act of the 41st Congress in 1871. (4) And, through their instruments, they have been explicitly charting the course of the USC for the District of Columbia and the Federal since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

They might use instruments like the Council on Foreign Relations (1921) or the United Nations (1945). It might not be as clear as it was in 1917, when President Woodrow Wilson clearly answered to Bernard Baruch – his Handler, but the reality is the same and able to be discovered.

The ‘Crimson Thread’ series of essays written for “The Hunting Call” website takes as its broad subject matter: the Communist Revolution against the nations of Albion. That is, the nation of Britain and England and the diaspora of these people who became the heritage and founding stock of the nations they built upon other continents. They established governments modeled upon Westminster, Magna Carta and the Declaration of Arbroath; they created economies and societies that were basically Christian and capitalistic. They gave other ethnic groups, many with stone age subsistences, an upward mobility and share in the prosperity of the Commonweal they envisioned, designed and built.

But all of these nations were conquered by the Communist Revolution and became its instruments.

All, except Rhodesia. This is why:

Of all the nations in Albion’s legacy and heritage, Rhodesia is the crucial study in terms of history and political analysis for the nationalist identitarians who will enlist for the reconquest of their own Western nations.

In the home school community where I work, Rhodesia and its enduring legacy is one of the Must Knows. In Australia, the Green and White goes to the rallies against Communist social engineering and its raft of Revolutionary policies for our Australian vassal state. With the Australian flag, the Green and White flies on the front line standing the ground of the Australian resistance to the Long March through all institutions.

For the American nation – the founding stock and posterity of the old republic – the study of the Rhodesian legacy is doubly significant. The Crown Colony of Southern Rhodesia was the only other nation besides the American nation to declare, fight and win its independence from Great Britain. The Americans fought Great Britain 1776 and won our independence. We might have lost it, but that is another story.

Rhodesia, Albion’s youngest and most rugged nation , fought their war of independence against the Communist Revolution in Africa and won the military victory. Great Britain, however – long since fallen to Communism – denied them that victory. The study of how the Rhodesian free election of 1979 came to be nullified by the Britain (of The City) deserves its own volumes of record and analysis. Here, a mere essay will have to serve as an introduction to this fascinating history.

I will suffice it here to state that the great crypto Communist powers of The West – the Three Weird Sisters of the UK, the US and the UN cooled that charm of nullification with the bloody regime of Communist sociopath Robert Mugabe, Zim president for life. This particular episode, alone, contains in its history all of the ‘Must Knows’ for the tests the nationalist identitarians of today will face. This is especially true for those who will undertake the reconquest for the Social Kingship of Christ; those who will contend for omnia instaurare in Christo.

The Novus Ordo conciliar church (1963) and the World Council of Churches both are Communist organisations steeped in the social justice gospel of Cultural Marxism. This what the Bible calls: “another gospel”. They played no small role in the Communist Revolution against Rhodesia. And their roles will not be neglected in ‘The Crimson Thread’ series of essays.

Although the Black and White Rhodesians who fought the Rhodesian war of independence held that nation by right of conquest against two Communist guerrilla armies, it was capitulated to its enemies through the Communist perfidy of the Great Britain of ‘The City’, the US government of the Carter administration, the UN, and the OAU.

Now, in this year of our Lord, 2019, the Revolution which Rhodesia combated 1965 – 1979 in what is generally called “the Bush War” , has come back to Great Britain and its capitol of The City on the square mile of London. Although that capitol will soon shift to Jerusalem, when the Third Temple is built, The Crown of the Judaic Supremacy, the Owners and Architects of the Communist Revolution, are still where they were since they chartered the Corporation of the City of London 1694 in their War of the Succession 1688. (3)

The chickens have come home to roost.

Tommy Robinson, the Lad from Luton, at the ‘I am Soldier X’ demonstration outside the Old Bailey , London, October 2018 : “Their attempts to silence and stop people from having knowledge of the Muslim rape gangs that are terrorizing our nation – the entire world is now watching.”

All the nations of Albion are now watching: – the America of the old republic, the big sky of the Canadian shield, the land of the silver fern: New Zealand and the great Southland of the Holy Spirit: Australia are watching. All are undergoing rigorous communisation at the hands of their political elites and commissars, a process that is shifting every pillar of social and political life onto the foundation of Globalism and its Communist world order.

For the nationalist identitarians who will oppose the Revolution in the nations of Albion, the help of  the White African stock and conservation of their heritage: Rhodesia and the Boer nation of South Africa should be a matter of both honour and priority. These essays are written as a contribution to that project also – especially for the home schools.

The Communist Revolution may have rolled over entire continents for which it contended in the twentieth century with its guerrilla and proxy wars, its genocides, atrocities, massacres and terrorism, now it flows over all nations of The West. And the victories and struggles of Albion’s nations which fell to the Revolution must remain and endure with those who will fight on.

Their history and the legacy of their valour must be kept alive, especially in the face of a fresh insurgency gathered from all the failed states of the Communist Revolution in Africa, Latin America and Asia. These demographic forces are currently being transported and inserted into all Western nations under the aegis of the Coudenhove-Kalergi mandate (5) and UN Global Compact for Migration 2018 (6).

And the object of these transfers is the same as it was for White Rhodesia : European nation demographic replacement and eradication. 

This mandate comes from the Owners and Architects of the Revolution themselves.

In the twentieth century, Lenin declared from Moscow that the European colonies were an obstacle to the success of the worldwide Revolution. This was because, developing people in their ethnic and tribal groups were steadily improving according to every index of social progress under European colonial rule. (7)

The Owners of the Communist Revolution, being also the Architects of the two world wars, can not have that.  Following Lenin, they used their world wars to strip the defeated powers of their colonies. And also , Britain itself, as well as other European powers complied with Lenin’s mandate in the post war. They de-colonised by abdicating government. They turned over the reigns of power to tribal leaders and Communist guerrillas posturing as nationalist leaders. They created a vortex of tribal wars, wholesale massacres and failed regimes that engulfed entire populations with war, starvation, poverty and crime.

For the remaining colonies that resisted this engulfing chaos, the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution itself became the engine of decolonisation. Where the Revolution could succeed in implementing ‘majority rule’, this became the specific means of eradicating and removing the White minority European populations in Africa.

Even though the Revolution has succeeded in Asia, Africa, Indo-China, Latin America and these continents have now been re-colonised under the Globalism of international finance , the Marxist-Leninist objective of White nation eradication remains the same.

In the twenty first century, The Owners are now using electoral redistribution through population transfers to again effect ‘majority rule’ against the European nations and peoples. This time it will be on their ancestral lands and in Albion’s nations were they are the heritage and founding stock of the state and its first world economy.

So the fire is again in Rhodesia and it has broken out across The West.

It was upon this exact same issue of White nation replacement and eradication that the ‘free world’ so called was made to rise against Rhodesia with sanctions and war when the Rhodesian Front government made its Unilateral Declaration of Independence 1965. This was even reported in the American press as Rhodesia’s ‘illegal’ declaration of independence. (I can assure you this irony was completely lost on the Americans in 1965).

Both the American and Rhodesian Declarations of Independence remain priceless documents of freedom’s legacy – even though one is now functions in the  Sickle  of the Communist Revolution and the other was destroyed. Of the two, I would say, Rhodesia has the hope of rising and becoming the nation again. The US has yet a long way to go in the toils of the Swamp and its Giant Squid.

At that time, the cover story of the Communist Revolution in Africa was:  ‘nationalist liberation for the oppressed Blacks’ which could (according to the UN mandate of the day) only be achieved under a one vote equals one value system of majority rule. Never in Africa, did the Revolution show the slightest respect for the traditional African way of life and family structure or the traditional manner of self rule- such as shown by the Republic of Rhodesia. Then as now, Africa as a social unity is always governed by its chiefs. Then as now, it is the UN mandated population deracination and transfers from failed Communist states (where the Revolution succeeded) that must form the human tsunami.  This time,  into the White nations of The West.

The same Leninist mandate is again being enforced.

In terms of the one vote equals one value democratic machine of the Communist Revolution – this strict equalist principle of majority rule will result in the replacement of the White population in every Western nation.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, founder of the Legion of the Archangel Michael in Romania, clearly understood that demographics is destiny. (8) The democratic machine constructed upon the equalist principle is always going to be an instrument to empower the most ruthless group. It is always going to owned by the Judaic Supremacy, ‘the international financial oligarchs’. (3) . It is one of the drivers of Communist Revolution. And The Owners will pull the levers for it with vote buying, influence peddling, vote rigging, insurgencies, population transfers and (if necessary), electoral redistributions of the sort conducted by Communist Patriotic Front warlord Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in the Gukurahundi 1983 – 87 . (He was knighted by the Queen in 1994 as a Knight of the Order of [blood]Bath. And stripped of his knighthood in 2008 – due to (cough) the ‘deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe’).

This event, the Gukurahundi, was , of course, censored in all Western media. It was the genocide of the rival tribe in the Patriotic Front government of Zimbabwe: the Matabele/Ndebele, formerly of ZAPU (Zimbabwe African People’s Union) , founded and led by Matabele Communist warlord: Joshua Nkomo.

Initially, Nkomo was the Zimbabwean leader and representative to the African National Congress in Rhodesia, then known as: Southern Rhodesia when it was a part of the Nyasaland Federation (1953 – 1963). The branch of the ANC in Rhodesia was called the Southern Rhodesia African National Congress (SRANC). Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia, Sir Edgar Whitehead declared a state of emergency over the SRANC and banned it as a Communist front organisation. Five hundred SRANC leaders were rounded up and arrested, but Nkomo was not among them.

ZAPU was founded by Nkomo in 1962 under the aegis of the ANC and made its allegiance clear. It aligned itself with the Soviet Union with the intention of mobilising African workers within the Nyasaland Federation for the ‘nationalist’ cause of Black majority rule. They began an insurgent campaign of intimidation and terror against Matabele/Ndebele and Shona workers which at the time were that most rare of African groups – upwardly mobile Black populations – by every index of economic prosperity. In Rhodesia, they shared in the Cormmonweal and measures were in place for them to increase their social development and acquire skillsets that would enable them to progress together.

The Rhodesian Front government of Ian Smith respected the fact of traditional African family and social structure. Then (as today) it is governed by its chiefs. This was what Rhodesia respected and took on board as a going concern. Under the Rhodesian version of the Westminster system, the chiefs had their seats in the legislature.

In 1963, Robert Mugabe broke with ZAPU and did his own deal with the ANC for the majority Shona tribe and formed ZANU – the Zimbabwean African National Union. ZANU also came under the aegis of the ANC and aligned itself with the People’s Republic of China for mobilisation against the Black Rhodesian population living their traditional lifestyle on their Tribal Trust lands.

If there is one thing Communist organisations truly hate it is the traditional family structure of any organic nation in terms of its blood and land. This is what Pope Pius IX means mean he describes Communism as an ideology that is set for the “ overthrow of the entire order of human affairs.” (Pope Pius IX, Nostis et Nobiscum. December 8, 1849.)

In the Communist Revolution on the African continent, the ANC was the base and staging platform which organised the political and military power of the Revolution: all the patriotic fronts, nationalist fronts, unions, and guerrilla armies. It was handled for the Comintern by the Jewish Communists: Abie Sachs and Joe Slovo. The latter was the Commander of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the ANC : ‘Spear of the Nation.’ (9)

The entire alphabet soup of the Communist insurgency received Western finance from the ‘international financial oligarchy’ via the ANC. It organised the finance (from the Western banks and governments), the equipment, supply, training of guerrilla armies in places like the USSR, the Nanking Military Academy of Maoist China, Argentina, North Korea, Cuba.

In 1963, the SA police raided the secret Communist headquarters at Rivonia near Johannesburg. The mass of documents that were seized and ‘policed up’ were submitted as evidence at the trial of the leaders who were caught at the headquarters. These documents exposed the Communist plan for the ANC and its alphabet soup for the ruination of SA. (10)

The SA police and military realised they had in their possession a master Plan of high level policy and precision tooling. Based upon the intervention of Maoist China and the USSR in the internal affairs of Portuguese East Africa, the Nyasaland Federation and South Africa, the Plan contained the fine details of not only the strategic and tactical planning of military aggression, but set out how this was to interface with, support and drive forward the political initiatives of the ANC and its alphabet soup of nationalist fronts both at the national and international levels.

In precis: Stage One set out the training of the guerrilla cadres and fighters. They were to be taken (abducted) or induced (with offers of scholarship) from the target nation. Those selected would be sent to Moscow for political indoctrination and military training. . From Moscow, they would be assigned to military training camps. They would have instruction in terrorism and insurgency, organisation of guerrilla companies for warfare, sabotage, weapons and explosives. The methods of China and Cuba were to be studied. Training in the military of those nations was a priority for insurgents. They studied how the political organisations of the ANC would camouflage acts of terror in the Western media as ‘popular uprisings.’ They studied how to engineer ‘explosive situations’ with the populations targeted for subversion. (10)

In Stage 1, the acts of terrorism were to be conducted against the population to be subverted to the Revolution – the African population primarily – because it was from this population that the guerrilla armies would be built.

In Stage 2 – the insurgency was to create ‘explosive situations’ within the subverted population. The ANC alphabet soup of nationalist unions would then parley these staged events into ‘nationalist’ demands for the Communist objective of ‘one vote equals one value.’ (10)

In his work on the SAS, A Handful of Hard Men, the author Hannes Wessels affords another detailed look at the Rivonia Plan, although not by that name. In Ghana, formerly the Gold Coast, 1963, ZANU trained at military centres set up by the Chinese, also Itumbi Reef in Tanzania. From these training centres candidates were selected for the Chinese military academies, especially Nanking. (11)

Wessels references the Zimbabwean nationalists Bhebhe and Ranger who corroborate the Rivonia Plan in their acknowledgement of a “dearth of volunteers for ZAPU and ZANU” military training. Contrary to Western opinions on Black nationalist liberation, they acknowledge that Africans had to be deceived, abducted, press ganged and conscripted from raids conducted upon the target nations. (11)

White or colonial oppression was not driving the Africans to nationalism or a ‘one vote equals one value’ demand for liberation. The leaders themselves corroborated the Rivonia Plan that Communist terror was being organised against the African population. Rhodesia was targeted for invasion into the African Tribal Trust Lands. The leadership acknowledged this was the way ZAPU and ZANU would recruit for the Revolution. The first graduating class of Itumbi Reef was despatched to Rhodesia for farm murders. ( 11 )

In Stage 3 of the Rivonia Plan, it was acknowledged that North of the Zambezi, Stage 3 had succeeded because the European colonial powers had complied with the Comintern and abdicated, thus removing those populations from the resources of stable government and defense capable of resisting the Revolution. It acknowledged that South of the Zambezi, the African population demanded that their governments protect them from State 1 of the Communist roadmap to victory for the Revolution.

Stage 3, the Plan admitted, could only succeed against Portuguese East Africa, Rhodesia and South Africa if Stage 2 succeeded in creating enough ‘explosive situations of nationalist aspirations’ to warrant an actual invasion of the UN or one of the powers, such as Great Britain in response. (10)

This was no ‘Winds of Change’. This was the winds of war complete with military and political analysis, forward and strategic tactical planning, training, subversion, insurgency, weapons, explosives and logistics. As Reed observed, (10) this was “the engineering of war through precise tooling” . The Rivonia Plan was a plan of co-operation between nations of the Communist Block with the West and the UN in response to a fully funded and trained Communist insurgency, namely the ANC and its alphabet soup.

The goal was always the mineral and land wealth of Africa, the European infrastructure with the prime objective being South Africa with its sea routes. The Rivonia Plan was determined to cut out Portuguese East Africa and Rhodesia and leave South Africa isolated and vulnerable to blockade and invasion. (10)

That any Western government or nation of Albion was ever party to the Rivonia Plan is a fact that must endure in the historical consciousness of those who continue the resistance to the Revolution.

Except for the beginning of the Mau Mau Uprising in British East Africa , which origins and affiliations to this day remain occulted, the colonial order in Africa was intact when Nyasaland was federated in 1953. As Douglas Reed comments in The Battle for Rhodesia: [Africa] “was moving steadily to an improving future for all its peoples under the colonial powers, as they pursued the established policy of gradually uplifting the tribespeople towards an increasing part in the management of affairs. With folk separated by millennia from every ‘Western’ concept , gradualism was the only method. Violent interruption of this process meant (as is now being seen) reversion to the chaotic tribalism of slavery, warfare, famine and disease – the things of which Africa was slowly being purged.

Only one power in the world admittedly desired this. [violent interruption] Lenin in 1920 decreed that the expulsion of the colonial powers from their territories was vital to the achievement of world communism. In the years 1960 – 1966, ‘Western liberalism’ openly supported this Leninist aim. The partnership , indeed , between the governments of the ‘free world’ and communism , their professed enemy , is the basic fact of the years 1960-1966 in Africa. Only when that is understood does the picture of what has happened become plain , as a photograph emerges from a film in developing liquid.” ( Douglas Reed. The Battle for Rhodesia . p. 5) .

When the British Prime Minister, Harold MacMillian gave his famous ‘Winds of Change’ speech in Cape Town, South Africa, February 3, 1960, this was the signal for the European colonial powers to stand down and abdicate their colonies in Africa according to the Leninist dictate.

The Communist Revolution in Africa was then ready to roll. And it unleashed hell. On cue, Belgium was the first to cut loose the Congo. And from the Congo, it prepared to cross the Zambezi.

The world’s largest Communist organisation, the UN called for a more liberal constitution for the Nyasaland Federation – of which Southern Rhodesia was then a part. (12)

The UN Charter was written by convicted perjurer Alger Hiss, a Communist termite in the US Dept of State. Hiss had secretly served the Soviet as Roosevelt’s right hand man at Yalta where the whole of Central Europe was handed to the Soviet after World War II. He drafted the UN Charter to reflect the complete Marxist Plank of the Communist Manifesto and to again abrogate the original Constitution for the United States of America. Hiss served as the first Attorney General of the UN. (13)

This is the organisation that called for a more liberal constitution for the Nyasaland Federation. The ANC , a UN mouthpiece, also opposed the 1961 constitution of Nyasaland on the Communist grounds that it did not recognise the one vote equals one value of majority rule. And it boycotted the December 1962. Election. (14)

When the UN was started in San Francisco 1945 with Alger Hiss as its first Attorney General, it started with approximately fifty states. From the tribal patchwork of Africa, however, the Communist Revolution was to render a succession 36 of newly minted , failed Communist states – all calling for humanitarian aid, all demanding UN intervention against Rhodesia and Portuguese East Africa, all voting with their Communist masters who had trained and equipped their guerrilla armies.

The main driver of the Revolution’s political engine from1789 until today, especially in the Communist phase post 1917 , is (of course) majority rule democracy – implemented as an exercise in equalism. This has been implemented over organic populations with their own cultures and customary ways as a mechanism of sovereignty that shields The Owners and Architects of the Revolution and allows them to manage affairs of the vassal states as ‘the will of the people’.

This equalist mechanism of the one vote=one value (majority rule) does not necessarily guarantee self-rule for ethnic minorities, tribal groups or even nations. It is wide open to rigging, vote buying, influence peddling and as a last resort bloody massacres of electoral redistribution such as the Infernal Columns of the French Revolution conducted in the Vendee and in Brittany, such as Mugabe conducted in the Gukurahundi.

The Rhodesian Front founded in 1961 by Ian Smith, later Prime Minister of Rhodesia, had the solution to the Revolutionary engine of majority rule that was to be deployed against the White population in Rhodesia, the population which held balance of power in a political climate of African tribes that had been at war for centuries, all of which wanted their own land and to rule their own affairs. Good luck with that under Communism.

This Rhodesian Front solution was, of course, the constitutional republic. The most stable form of that type of government is monarchy, where a hereditary monarchy and peerage both guarantees and limits the democratic institutions of state – such as the British monarchy guaranteed the Parliament and its House of Commons under Magna Charta. And before that , such as the French monarchy guaranteed the Bretton Parliament for self government of the Bretton people – whose language and culture were made criminal offences under the French Revolution. When I was there in the 1970s, the Bretton language for public expression had just been de-criminalised.


Interviewer: “PM Smith, you once said you ‘wouldn’t see Black majority rule in your lifetime in Rhodesia. Is that a prediction that you still stand by?”

PM Smith: “I still hope so. I believe that we would have failed in everything we had tried to do if we had to concede that that sort of thing should take place. In other words government that depends on the colour of a man’s skin irrespective of his ability. I could never accept that on principle. I think we must continue to strive for the best government in Rhodesia – irrespective of colour. This is the system in Rhodesia. It is possible for anybody whatever his colour to come in and participate. We want the best government: not necessarily a Black government; not necessarily a White government.”

Interviewer: “That part Sir about being able to participate though is not certainly true as voting is concerned – is it?”

PM Smith: “Oh yes it is. The voting is exactly the same for the Black man as for the White man. The Black man has the same opportunities as the White man. The Black man can come into the parliament, as can the White man. There is nothing in this country to prevent a Black man sitting in my chair, providing he has the ability, providing he can earn the position.”

Interviewer: “Sorry to interrupt. But the franchise is not that wide is it? To allow every Black man to vote.”

PM Smith: “ It is not that wide to allow every White man to vote. We simply have a standard you see. And I wonder if it is not a good thing when you see what is happening in the world today – how standards have dropped. And how irresponsible governments can be. We have always had this standard, I would remind you going right back to the beginning of our history in the days when the British government was implicated. And if it was right then, I wonder why it is wrong now?”

The battle of The West against the Communist Revolution in Africa entered its decisive period after MacMillan’s famous ‘Winds of Change’ speech in 1960.

The frame of these tremendous events should be properly considered as South Africa’s War against the Communist Revolution in Zambia, Angola and Namibia 1966 – 1990 A.D. South Africa was and is the prime objective of the Rivonia Plan.

From the traditional Catholic perspective, the Communist Revolution in China, the Korean Peninsula, Africa, Indo-China etc. is the continuation of the Revolution’s own second World War, which it spawned and for which Armistice was never signed.

This Revolution was and is made through the great vassal states of the Empire of the City for their Crown and world hegemon. So it will continue.

South Africa’s capitulation to Communism in 1990 when the African National Congress took power and the mounting record of Communist failures in every index of government, the record of uncontrolled state crimes and atrocities (specifically the farm murders – the Plaasmoorde) which continue into the present day, these are the aftermath of the Communist ANC victory and constitute a subject in its own right.

For Rhodesia, the “Crimson Thread” series begins with essays that will cover subjects of special contemporary interest from: the Rhodesian Bush War from UDI 1965 to Rhodesia’s military victory: 1979.

The machinations of The Crown which led to the nullification of their free elections in 1980 and the British government’s installation of Communist warlord Robert Mugabe is a subject in its own right.

The broad subject matter of “The Crimson Thread” series is The West, specifically Albion and its kindred nations, in the wars against ‘The Hammer’ of the Revolution. The following essays of February and March 2019, the months the Church dedicates to the Holy Family and to St. Joseph, will focus specifically on the Rhodesian Bush War 1965 – 1979.

These essays will cover the operation of the great, crypto Communist powers: the UK, the US and the UN – the constellation of powers that will be designated throughout as ‘The Sickle’ of the Revolution. For the constellation of The Sickle, I use contemporary titles like: UK ZOG , US ZOG, the Western ZOGs, the Deep State. There are many names for this now that the Deep State (which was covert in 1965 -1979) is now manifest and externalised. But it was becoming externalised in the relevant time here in view. Dr Henry Kissinger of the US Council on Foreign Relations and the Deep State handler of the US executive office personally negotiated ‘the Rhodesian Crisis’ for the US ZOG. You don’t get more Deep State and Squidley than Dr. K.

For Rhodesia, “The Crimson Thread” series will cover the break-up of the Nyasaland Federation 1963, the break-up and betrayal of the Republic of Rhodesia and its nation by the UK ZOG in the Lancaster House Agreement 1979. It will discuss the contribution of the lies and machinations of the US ZOG Dept. of State and the pressures which the UN brought to bear on behalf of the world’s largest Communist organisation in the nullification of the Rhodesian free election 1979. This was the Lancaster House Agreement which enabled the seizure of power by Patriotic Front ANC Communist sociopath Robert Mugabe.

But as early as the Kissinger-Vorster Detente of 1975-1976, events that were,  at the time inexplicable, can now be read as the Deep State preparation for Mugabe. He was pre-selected in Whitehall – long before the electoral travesty of 1980. His Communist government’s ethnic cleansing of the Matabele / Ndebele population in the electoral redistribution: the Gukurahundi 1983 -1987, the land seizures of the Rhodesian commercial farms and the deliberate creation of another failed Communist state in Africa are all ‘ruthless seizures of power’ , all straight out of the Communist playbook.

As with South Africa, the success of ‘The Hammer’ of Communist Revolution against Rhodesia must be laid squarely at the door of the UN and the governments of the UK and US ZOGs – the great Communist Revolutionary superpowers of ‘The Sickle’ which operate as the fixers and harvesters of nations hammered by the constellation of ‘The Hammer’ : the former Soviet and Communist China when that Communist Block formed the constellation of ‘The Hammer’.

Today under the Globalist phase of the Revolution, The City, London, New York, DC, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Astana, Rome, Tehran, Moscow, Bei Jing and Riyadh form the constellation of ‘The Grid’ and it is coming down hard.

As stated, all of this subject matter in its own right would fill entire volumes, but the task of the essay will be to precis and discuss, illustrate and conclude . The entirely ignominious role of ‘The Sickle’ and its ZOGs will be referenced throughout.

In the 1970s, I attended an American university in the South. In that decade about all that could be learned about Rhodesia from what Colonel John Owen Beaty termed: ‘the Jewish Press’ (3) – that would be all printed and electronic media, publishers, television broadcasts, movies and academic publications – was the Party Line from the Council on Foreign Relations. I will discuss this more fully in the next essay.

Then as now, the CFR with its interface into the policy think-tanks of the Big Foundations for social engineering (Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller etc) managed the US vassal state and its American plantation of ‘bonded entities’ for the Kaganate – our ZOG Deep State.

The entire American culture and society was then undergoing Communist subversion in every institution of social influence at the hands of the hands of ZOG. In hand was the engineering of the sexual revolution ( Rockefeller Foundation and the CIA.), the deliberate sabotage of the Vietnam War through the US chain of command and the demoralisation of the population (Carnegie Foundation, the CIA and the Phoenix Programme). (15) The communisation of the churches through the big Communist JudeoXtian orgs: the Novus Ordo catholic conciliar church (1963) and the World Council of Churches (1948) were all proceeding apace.

In the United States, the Party Line and approved Marxist narrative for the Communist Revolution in Africa was the story of Black nationalist liberation and civil rights. The familiar Official Narrative was the story of the bad, evil, racist, privileged, minority White colonial powers which exploited the good, non-racist, noble, environmentally friendly and progressive Black African majority with racism and oppression. All Western media reported the Communist Revolution in Africa according to the Party Line. All facts that would reveal the real stories behind the cover story were ruthlessly censored. No one was allowed to know, for example, that Black Rhodesians were not conscripted for Rhodesia’s War of Independence – yet 90% of the eligible males voted with ‘boots on the ground’ to fight with the Rhodesian Front. This would sound to me like they did not want Communism, even when it was posturing as ‘Black nationalism’.

The raw savagery, massacres and atrocities of the tribal wars of  the Communist Revolution in Africa was ruthlessly censored in The Western ZOGs. The only atrocities that went to air on US television were American atrocities made to order for American television in Vietnam. The Americans of my generation were the witness.

In the decade of the 1960s , after the ‘Winds of Change’ signal, the Communist Revolution advanced from its genocides and atrocities in the former Belgian Congo to the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia. After UDI 1965 , what became ‘the Bush War 1965-1979’ , became for Africa south of the Zambezi – the Hot Gates to South Africa : the Thermapylae of Rhodesia’s War of Independence.

The only bastion against Communism is the Christian nation.”

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

Appendix and Endnotes

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See also : “The Iron Curtain’s Enduring Darkness” by John Kamanski 2019. Uploaded by ‘stophypocrisy’ January 24, 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnZl9grEKqM&feature=youtu.be

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMSF8mCR6M0

World Banker Karen Hudes Reveals Secret U.S. Constitution. Uploaded by The Next News Network. April 1, 2014 (plausible deniability?)

3. The Owners and the Empire of the City, the Architects of the Communist Revolution

My essays use many names for The Owners of governments and states that are vassals of their financial pyramid and Money Trust. These governments and states: H.M. Government of Great Britain, the District of Columbia, the Kremlin of former USSR and the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, every Western European nation of the EUSSR and the largest of all: the United Nations are all assets of their banking cartel established as the Corporation of The City of London, chartered 1694.


Considered in terms of their ownership of monopoly capital, I refer to them as The Owners, in the sense of they Own their Money Trust. These are central banks of credit issue which monetize national currencies as debt to the vassal states and governments cartel. Usury is the basis of all these economies. economy in all vassal states and their governments.

Considered as the Dictators of vassal states, their governments and populations they own as ‘bonded entities’ and chattels of their banking cartel, I designate them as The Overlords.

There are many ways to characterise the identity of The Owners and The Overlords. Communism is. probably the least helpful because it is only one vector for their imperium. As a ‘Hammer’ their Communist Revolution captures nations and their governments for the cartel. As the Sickle, it harvests them, binds and brings them under Communist social order. and the capture of vassals and chattels .

The Overlords mandate Communism as the basis of the social order for their world hegemon of “nations subdued by us” as they designate their chattels in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Communist Revolution (our more properly, the Communist phase of their Revolution inaugurated 1789) was financed and organised through the subsidiary banks of their cartel to achieve Communism as their desired basis for world social order.

World War II was the commencement of the ‘global’ phase of the Communist Revolution. There is no other way to model the complete insanity of all the ‘blunders’ acknowledge by Churchill in his ‘explanation’ of World War II as the “unnecessary war”. On the contrary, World War II, for which no Armistice has ever been declared or signed , has been very necessary for the Owners in management of their Communist Revolution between ‘The Hammer’ nations and ‘The Sickle nations’ for the delivery of entire continents to the social order they mandate for their world hegemon: Communism. Africa is virtually a study of this management.


The Overlords machinate the Communist Revolution for The Owners of the Revolution from a covert Apex. This is The City. They operate the machinery of the Revolution through the foreign policies of vassal states and their governments. They have set it up as a dialectical operation between ‘The Hammer’ – the big block Communist powers of the USSR (now the Russian Federation), the People’s Republic of China and ‘The Sickle’ of the UN, the US and the UK. The monster banks like the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are also major players.

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he can not believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realisation of the evil that has been introduced into our midst.” J. Edgar Hoover. Quote from The Elks Magazine. August 1956.


Depending on the context, some names that I use for The Owners in this and other essays are: the Princes or Nasi of Jewry, the Kaganate (after Chapter II “ Russia and the Khazars” of Beaty’s Iron Curtain Over America), (humorously: the Big Machers and , after Yuri Bezmenov : the Big Schmucks). May names for the Apex of their world pyramid.

The Judaic Supremacy. The Crown is perhaps the accurate designation. Note this is not the British monarchy nor is it the Roman Catholic papacy or the Jesuits or any religious order like the Knights of Malta. These monarchies are in fact owned (as in the World Council of Churches and the World Evangelical Alliance) by the Judaic Supremacy through the mechanism of the central bank (Marx’s fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto). They do the bidding of their Overlords. And this is not to say these institutions are not thoroughly infiltrated by Jews or Kazars in terms of their hierarchy – they are.

The Owners can be understood ethnically and historically. Historian Col. John Owen Beaty treats of them ethnically and historically in the political analysis he wrote for US Military Intelligence : The Iron Curtain Over America. 1952. See his Chapter II: “Russia and the Khazars”. If this analysis is used, The Owners would be more properly designated as ‘the Kaganate’ – which is the historical reference for their state and its government from antiquity. In his masterful Chapter IV “The Unnecessary War” he gives the accurate account of the beginning of World War II in the declaration of ‘total war’ of the World Jewish Congress and its World Jewish Economic Federation against Germany. This was the first time in modern history that the naked power of the Kaganate over its vassal nations in the West was revealed. Benjamin Freedman also acknowledged this a decade later in his speech at the Willard Hotel in New York. As a work of US Military Intelligence, The Iron Curtain Over America is unsurpassed.


The Owners can be understood in terms of their European history and their religious cult: Judaism (actually Pharisaism) from the history of the English Revolution, which they financed through the agency of Oliver Cromwell when the English Parliamentarians and the Scottish Convention of Estates made war upon the Stewart monarchy for the Supremacy. The Nasi (Princes) of the Great Synagogue of Mulheim an der Ruhr financed Cromwell through their instrument: the Amsterdamsee Wissel Bank. They invaded Britain through their front man Dutch Stadtholder William of Orange 1688 to settle this debt when invited to do so by their Parliamentarians. Allodial title deeds of all estates of three nations were the collateral on those loans.

“The English Revolution under Charles I” writes Isaac D’Israeli “was unlike any precdeding one…From that time and event WE contemplate in our history the phases of revolution.” There is no doubt that the author’s royal ‘we’ refers to the Princes (Nasi) of Jewry as the Owners of the Corporation of The City of London (1694) and what became their Empire of The City. The revolution they contemplate is ‘our’ revolution, for regicide, for the overthrow of every throne and altar of every Christian nation state and the capture of vassal nations as assets of their banking cartel. The revolution they contemplate was made by them and formally inaugurated by them in France 1789. The Life of Charles I. 1851. Isaac D’Israeli, father of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

Archibald Maule Ramsay cites this passage in The Nameless War, his work on the revolutions in Europe financed and organised by the Nasi of World Jewry through its international financial cartel and the foreign policies of its vassal states. .Ramsay was the member of Parliament for Midlothian was imprisoned during WW II by Winston Churchill because of his insider knowledge, later documented. In The Nameless War, he wrote that WW II was machinated by The Crown, that the Bolshevik Revolution and its soviet totalitarian state in Russia, as well as the Nazi war machine were financed by The Crown through its financial apparatus – namely the banks which it owned in the financial centres of its vassal nations – London, Hamburg, New York.


The Owners can be understood in terms of their political and economic financial structure.

Vincent Cartwright Vickers, director of the Bank of England 1919 called The City (established on the sq mi in London 27 July 1694) “an international, financial oligarchy’ and claimed it was responsible for the wars of the world. “The British Commonwealth has been organizing and financing colonial conquest, settlement and multi-national war since 1689.” (Vicker’s statement is quoted in The Empire of the City by E.D. Knuth 1943, p. 60) In this statement we are given to understand that it is ‘an international financial oligarchy’ that Owns the British Commonwealth and uses the policies, military and economy of the vassal state as a vehicle for the workings their own Empire.




Anthony C. Sutton. Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. 2012. (Clairview Books, Forest Row, UK). Documents the role of the US Wall Street banks in the finance of the Bolshevik Revolution. Does not deal with the Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany – also a partner in finance. All these banks are part of the banking cartel of the Corporation of The City , chartered 1694 A.D.



4. Colonel John Owen Beaty. Ph.D Columbia University and officer of US Military Inteligence in Europe and Asia 1946 – 51. Iron Curtain Over America. 1952. Chapter Two: “Russia and the Khazars” , p. 21-22. https://truthinmediablog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/iron-curtain.pdf

5. Coudenhove-Kalergi Mandate







Oswald Mosely on (((Globalisation)))


Uploaded by Evropilia, published January 18, 2017

Enoch Powell : Rivers of Blood Speech (Full) April 20, 1968 was a statement of Conservative Party Policy.


Uploaded by Oowk Media, published feb 8, 2014

Enoch Powell was a classical scholar and Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton.

“Total transformation for which there is no parallel in a thousand years of English history.”

6. UN Global Compact on Migration.


7. Douglas Reed. The Battle for Rhodesia. 1967, p. 5 and 73.


8. Linde Symonds. January 29, 2019. “The Romanian Horizon of ‘Quis et Deus’. “ The Hunting Call Website.


9. Two Communist Jews handled the ANC for the Comintern. Abie Sachs (London Sunday Times , August 29, 1993) and Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo 1926 – 1993) . Slovo joined the guerrilla / terrorist wing of the ANC in 1961 (The Spear of the Nation : Umkhonto um Sizwe)

https://www.sahistory.org.za/archive/manifesto-umkhonto-we-sizwe and became its Commander. Also, he became Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986. “Joe Slovo” Jewish Chronicle January 13, 1995.




10. The raid of the South African police on the Communist headquarters at Rivonia near Johannesburg. Douglas Reed. The Battle for Rhodesia. (1967 : p. 95 , 96 )


See also, Note 3 above : Colonel John Owen Beaty. Iron Curtain Over America. The leadership , the praesidium of the Comintern was in the US since 1872.

Bella Dodd, former member of the executive of the Communist Party USA, confirmed this in her testimony before the Senate Internal Security Committee Hearings 1953.


C.F. “The Ordeal Ahead”



“Bella Dodd : the New World Order is Communism”


11. Hannes Wessels. A Handful of Hard Men. 2015. Casemate Publishers: p. 24.



12. Douglas Reed. The Battle for Rhodesia. 1967 : p. 75 -76.


13. Douglas Reed. The Battle for Rhodesia. 1967 : p, 76


Colonel John Owen Beaty. The Iron Curtain Over America. 1952 : p., 33-37


14. Douglas Reed. The Battle for Rhodesia. 1967 : p., 73.


15. Henry Makow – Sexual Revolution and the Big Foundations. Ford







Vietnam – The Phoenix Program – CIA operations against South Vietnam : population control and repression. Assistance of Communism


These 5 Censored Books Tell a History the Establishment wants hidden.

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