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Regarding Sex and its Misconstrued Nature

Sex: it is probably the most human, most physical act that a man and a woman can engage in. Because of this, it has deep metaphysical implications conceived by many cultures in a variety of ways. But what is sex? The current trend of rising western progressivism promotes an anthropological revolution wherein the sanctity of… Continue reading Regarding Sex and its Misconstrued Nature

Analysis, Faith

The Crisis of Agnosticism

In the modern world, many individuals find that they are spiritually conflicted. Undesiring to be religious, while also holding a disdain for blatant atheism, these persons may identify as agnostic. Agnosticism is the belief that, since one may not empirically prove nor disprove the existence of the divine, it is irrational to profess faith. This is not the same as atheism, which is denial of (a) divine being(s).


On the Ethical Implications of Professorship

In our troubled times, there exist many moral dilemmas that professors of higher education face on a daily basis. “University culture” has become a masquing term that is synonymous with a society where controversial topics are utterly one-sided; free speech is frowned upon and emotion is prioritized as opposed to objective truth and reason. It… Continue reading On the Ethical Implications of Professorship