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The Crisis of Agnosticism

In the modern world, many individuals find that they are spiritually conflicted. Undesiring to be religious, while also holding a disdain for blatant atheism, these persons may identify as agnostic. Agnosticism is the belief that, since one may not empirically prove nor disprove the existence of the divine, it is irrational to profess faith. This is not the same as atheism, which is denial of (a) divine being(s).

Analysis, Faith

The Saturnian Sickle and the Babylonian Hammer

Too often, we see the hammer and sickle raised up in the streets of America. This symbol embodies Communism, both its violent reign in the USSR (and Maoist China, and so on) and its present existence as a bourgeoisie academic fascination. Much irony can be found in the reality that most modern-day Communists, at least… Continue reading The Saturnian Sickle and the Babylonian Hammer

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Kirishtan: Christianity in Sengoku Japan

With the recent beatification of Justo Takayama, who lived from 1552 to 1615, many Christians, especially Catholics, are left surprised - when did Christianity reach Japan? As Christians, it is our duty to understand, and relate to the experiences of our brethren wherever they may be. The mainstream understanding of the development of Catholicism in… Continue reading Kirishtan: Christianity in Sengoku Japan