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Kirishtan: Christianity in Sengoku Japan

With the recent beatification of Justo Takayama, who lived from 1552 to 1615, many Christians, especially Catholics, are left surprised - when did Christianity reach Japan? As Christians, it is our duty to understand, and relate to the experiences of our brethren wherever they may be. The mainstream understanding of the development of Catholicism in… Continue reading Kirishtan: Christianity in Sengoku Japan

Military History

ZANLA and ZIPRA: Terrorists and Poor Fighters

In the bush war, the Rhodesians were faced with an enemy primarily composed of poorly disciplined, yet armed and violent gangs. Instead of going up against proper soldiers, they had to counter the efforts of ideological terrorists and opportunist criminals. These men were trained in Mozambique and Zambia, where apparently the commissars were more worried… Continue reading ZANLA and ZIPRA: Terrorists and Poor Fighters

Military History

Jakob Polukhina’s Combat Diary (Battle of Ebro, 1937)

Translated from Russian, the source can be found here. September 1st Arrived in the village of Conti: a dozen and a half shabby peasant houses, and a church in the center, apparently built during the reign of Tsar Gorokh. It was drizzling with rain… We went into one of the houses, it was in terribly… Continue reading Jakob Polukhina’s Combat Diary (Battle of Ebro, 1937)

Military History

The Zielgerät 1229: Nazi Night Vision

Night vision is incredibly valuable in modern warfare. As the name implies, it enables soldiers to see very clearly after dark without revealing their position. This provides a great advantage over anyone who doesn't have night vision. You can see them, but they can't see you - except, perhaps, when your muzzle flashes. In 1935, Allgemeine… Continue reading The Zielgerät 1229: Nazi Night Vision